Saturday, March 9, 2013

Somewhere Else

Mark Kelley 
Nicking the title from Marillion... as today and this entire weekend I'm wishing with all my being that I was somewhere else.
Steve Rothery

In Port Zelande in The Netherlands Marillion have their first of three weekends, or conventions if you like.
Ian Mosley 

 And though I have tickets for the convention in Wolverhampton in April, not to be in PZ (as we fans refer to it ;-) ) is total and utter agony, and I can guarantee it won't happen again. Next time I'll be in PZ and rock on prog style :-)
Pete Trewavas

So, this is me sighing as if I've been denied access to heaven... As it pretty much translates to that in my mind. I hope, with all my heart, that my friends who are there are making the best of every song and every meet and greet, as they are the luckiest people alive this weekend.
Steve 'h' Hogarth

Have fun, my friends, and see you in Wolves in a month. :-)

All the photos were taken by my friend Phil Slessor, looking forward to see all the Marillion Weekend photos he undoubtedly will have soon :-)

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