Sunday, August 9, 2015

For my amazing man

Sonnets for my loved one on his birthday x

Discussing pasta whilst in hot embrace
The beautiful game makes your whole face glow
Athletic strength drives you on, sparks your grace
Not everyone knows how hard you can throw
Ancient scent hidden in memories past
Words painting pictures of Rome invading
Touching sacred stones, hours go so fast
History hums, a song for everything
Virtues were hidden for years in deep fear
Invisible eyes reaching out to see
Asking in silence to come find you here
Searching blindly, but your eyes they saw me
All that you are amaze me every day
The yellow brick road is our magic way

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Rainy, windy, summer grey enclosing
The summers lived are never here to stay
It is not the distant warmth we're praising
I do compare thee to my beating heart
You sing the soft song that will make me whole
I do compare thee to my missing part
From your voice I heart the song of my soul
In the dark you hold the light to guide me
The strong shield between nightmare and the real
You see me as I hope that I can be
I'm feeling more than I could ever feel
When I'm with you it's summer all year round
Summer, music, deep strong love, healing sound.