Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is it possible to fall in love with a voice?

If so, then I have done just that...
I might suffer from having been alone too long, but I don't think this has clouded my insight. Well, if I'm completely honest, maybe a bit. But I'm going to stick to the fact that I remain sane, at least as such.

I think it was three years ago, when I got my first ipod, that my brother gave me all this music (I have bought it I believe in buying art, making sure the artists can stay busy). A lot of this music were my guilty pleasures, U2, The Corrs... yeah, I have a pop alibi. But he gave me Muse, Genesis and Marillion among other prog-bands (and just adding a small note here, I didn't get The Corrs from my brother...I think he would resent me claiming such a thing). Many of his suggestions I rejected, as he kind of miffedly pointed out. But then my reply was this; come on, the two bands I love most in the entire world is because of you, that has to count for something? He agreed it did...
I started with Muse as I knew them a little more than I knew Marillion, Genesis I already knew and liked... And the way I listen to music now is quickly through it at first, then I go about it quite systematically, getting to know every single song from that particular band. Muse ended up being rather significant. I really enjoy their music. And I can honestly tell you that I have written so many emotional highs and lows listening to them, that when I do get published I will owe them a lot. I thought I had found my hearts match, I hadn't. I just didn't know it yet.

What you must know is that I become very loyal very fast, thinking there can exist no equivalent to these magicians. So when I then listened to my first Marillion song, mostly on a dare, imagine my surprise... Yes, I had heard some of those old songs with that horrible Fish-character, and I must say I didn't have high hopes ( for more details on this, read the entry called The Beauty That Is Marillion). But my brother asked me to give them a chance, and he added that I probably would really enjoy Steve Hogarth... Would I ever...

Another thing you must know is that since my Bono phase, where U2 was Bono's entourage as far as I was concerned, I have listened to music in a different way. I listened with my ears instead of my eyes...duh... Both Muse and Marillion found their way to my heart through my ears, and that is saying a lot. I had no idea about what their names were or how they looked before I was hooked, and there was no turning back.

At the moment I'm listening to a song called Essence, and this was the song that made me go from liking Marillion to adoring them. I suddenly went on a musical journey where they build up their music, and build up their music, and build it up some more, and then even more, and when you think they can't possibly go to another level, they actually do... and you feel like you're out of breath, and then they add even another level on top of that, and when the song is finished you're emotionally drained...and you feel elevated and enchanted.

How can a voice have such an impact? It's like his voice is enclosing me in protective sound, making me feel like nothing bad can ever touch me. And remember at this point I had no idea of what Steve Hogarth looked like.
Look at the man, he's gorgeous. What's more, he looks as if he's having fun with his music, which is the most important thing. He looks as if he does this because he has no choice, because it's what makes his life good, and I highly respect that.... But, here's my conundrum, is he gorgeous because he's gorgeous, or do I think he's gorgeous because I completely adore his voice? I think it's a bit of both.

Marillion is more than Steve Hogarth's voice. You have the essence of the band, the whole feel when they all do their thing. And a thing that is both impressing and brilliant is their ability to learn still. I think they all play at least seven different instruments at any given time.
And if you really, truly want to listen to music with a message, with heart and soul and a glimpse of eternity, then you should check out Marillion. They are fantastic.
I'm going to one of their concerts this summer, and believe me when I tell you I'm psyched.
From what I can hear, they remain in original key's when live (if  you have any kind of musical insights then you will know that many bands lower the key for live performances, making it easier to sing... Muse did this on Unintended, not good, not good... Marillion doesn't as far as I can hear (and my ear is exceptionally good, actually they both are...). In fact... They transposed This Is The 21'st Century an augmented fourth at the Live At The Cadogan Hall concert...respect!)... And their performances are (if anything) even better than on the albums. Now that is rare!
Marillion really is all that!

Now, when Steve sings Angelina, or When I Meet God, or The Fruit of The Wild Rose, Essence or Out Of This World, or This Is The 21'st Century I think I have to talk about musical orgasms, if such a thing exists...
When I hear Neverland, I enter a state of dreams and hopes and I'm filled with the knowledge that everything is going to be ok. As long as I have hope, as long as I believe I'll reach whatever goal I have. It's magic in a hum drum every day life. And I want to access it as often as I can!
The way he uses his voice is so incredible that I have problems describing it...
When I'm at a loss for words, things are entering the sublime.
Steve Hogart's voice is sublime.
Sublime like the vastness of the alps. Sublime like a storm on the ocean. Sublime like a monster wave.  Sublime like a tornado... A force of nature that has robbed me of my breath, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Marillion is my heart!
And Steve Hogarth, I have fallen in love with you!
Check out the link to Steve Hogarth's homepage... It's at the top to the right :)


  1. You must go to a concert - he will have you spellbound. An amazing frontman to a fabulous band!

    1. Like I said, I have listened to them for a while, so it was quite the discovery seeing them perform. I have acquired a few DVD's, obviously. And I'm going to the concert in Oslo. Looking very much forward to that!

  2. He sure has a beautiful voice. I totally understand the fascination.

  3. Steve's got a great voice alright.

  4. Great story!!! Thank you for charing!

    Love, Vivi (you know who I am ;) )