Sunday, February 26, 2012

My collection of sonnets.

I might have mentioned that I meddle in the art of writing... And among other things I enjoy very much in the literary world are the sonnets... That might have shone through here on my blog as well (if I'm not much mistaken, think this is my fourth entry on sonnets... They really are powerful poems.). I have actually tried writing a few. And by popular demand I'm going to present a collection of them here, now...

They are, in case you wonder, all Shakespearean sonnets, and sort of iambic pentameter.

Years of wasting and boredom in my past
Sadness, loss of lover, no dreams ahead.
Falling to the bottom where I at last
retrieve my life and joy, no more the dead.
My mind blossom in this language spoken,
more through poets stories preserved all years.
Rise as Phoenix, though my heart was broken,
every day confronting all of my fears.
Beauty in the child, his eyes blue and bright,
the only thing to keep me in this state,
my world of dreams is accessed day and night,
I steer creative ships towards my fate.
The Swan of Avon, standing on his stage,
smiling, smart! I write yet another page.

The next one is a part of something bigger. This is a part of a novel I'm writing at the moment, and this is the hero finally taking charge...

 - From ancient times these realms did fight in wars
Evil disguised in masks of human kind.
Abominations boarded peaceful shores.
Their ”noble” cause devouring conscious mind.
I stood idly by, observing the fights.
The hour is now when I take up arms
defending humanity, the soul's rights
to live, to love, to laugh - prosperous charms.
Your idea will fall, though well intended,
with no more words a savage world will rise.
You stand alone, the world is defended.
I tell you, Eworc… MY WORDS will suffice.
I wake the world with every word I write,
I AM the muse who gives invention light.

Then I will include another sonnet from another one of my novels... This is a prophesy.

" The sign has been given to you from afar,
life on this planet will perish too soon.
An empty world, an invisible star,
away! You have until your last full moon.
Bring life into thought, bring life into mind,
the soul of humanity must not fall.
Change in your life, now your quest is to find
a way to survive, a cure for us all.
Survival means trust what people forgot,
hear songs from the heart, see masters in art,
imagine your path, linger you must not.
Hurry now, Michael, you must play your part.
You are our chosen, you know this is true.
God’s blissful planet will die without you."

And in the end I'll leave you with a sonnet I wrote last night...
The sonnet, the important poem... 
Here, telling a story in fourteen lines...

In desperate depths Creative Soul stood deep
A shadow crept upon her longing heart.
They anticipated the hill so steep,
they would all tell her about her new start.
Creative Soul felt as dead and hollow,
betrayed, forgot by the love she thought real
No bliss ahead in the years to follow,
the love of a child was all she could feel.
Then the Voice Of Light turns life up-side down.
The Voice vibrates as the sound from her mind.
Sleepless tales springs from her creative crown,
Painful as pleasure, at last she'll unwind.
Surrounded each day by angelic sound,
The Voice Of Light has swept her off the ground.


Caliope transformed in Voice Of Light.
A solitaire path inspiring them all.
His epic music enlightens the night
His magical voice will soften each fall.
His passion in music will reach so far,
a boy and his lyre, a girl’s sweet harp.
Lingering, his inspirational star,
echoes his voice in harmonies so sharp.
Creative Soul, softly, hears Voice Of Light
His whisper, like thunder, will make her see
Courage is his, but she the one to fight
The voice whispers; “You’ll find courage in me.”
Taking up arms through stories from her heart
The Voice Of Light granted her a new start.

Creative Soul broke her bounds, at last free
Scared for her future, feeling winter’s cold,
Voice Of Light guided her gently, now see;
- Look for the truth in the masters of old.
Leaving her “cage” for the world of the real,
leaving behind what kept her in a haze.
awakening senses making her feel
the divine presence, she could see his face.
I’m no longer a ghost from my own past,
stronger than the foundations of the earth.
I know I have the strength to make this last,
finally feeling my true, deepest worth.
The Voice Of Light was looking straight at me
His wisdom; “Only Love Will Make You Free.”

Wishing you all inspiration and prosperity.

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