Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feel Better!

Life can sometimes bring us to our knees. In hours when we endure more than we think we can, it's important not to remain in the ditch. I dedicate this to the love of my life.

It's hard, now, to fathom life's mystery
Losing the self in interpretations
Staging the perfect to hide the true we
The fraud of perception through the nations

Dreams stopped from living, cry Solitaire's cry
Desperation has got you to your knees
Desired, flight of the angels; now fly!
The flutter of wings, Compassion's soft breeze

Turn your eyes from the dark and dusty dirt
Never forget that dawn follows the night
Divine magic music removes the hurt
Protect your soul, enclose it in white light

My true word, from sorrows endured, dear friend
Not long from now, your dreams, your heart, will mend

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


She found magic in the space undefined
Infinite knowledge at the tip of her finger
She found magic in the messages signed
Delightfully sensing the emotions linger

Throwing a line across water, through air
Placing sweet secrets from her soul in his keeping
Undefined whispers, this secret affair
From afar, deep below, he can hear her heart sing

Sinking into the dream of a stranger
He knows her, his soul was such designed to her match
The magic in him, sensing no danger
She knows him, sighing, wishing he was hers to catch

Eternity tasted their love adoration
Granting their desperate Magic at Chance Station

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's this? A sonnet?

Surprise took the shape of enigma look
Catching the one he's about to ensnare
Beating heart on the cover of a book
Warm breath. 'Sad times leaving you, lady fair'

Fibonacci's mysteries like fire
The grounds of his world seems shaking a bit
Asking, who are you? - 'Thine Lady Shakespeare, Sire,
Seeking an answer, mine heart too was hit'

Time seemed to slow down as boundaries were moved
Breathing slowly, checking if this was real
Gentle man protecting, like a Knight proved
A long time since she felt allowed to feel.

Joined in art, in words, in magic and laughs
Music and lyrics a whole of two halves

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter thoughts

I am so sorry I've been a bit absent for a while, there really are no excuses. I will pull my act together, I promise. The thing is I have started a rather big project at Uni now, involving a lot of writing and a lot, a lot of studying, and being a single mum, sometimes the hours of the day simply aren't many enough.
But, I thought to myself the other day, I don't need to bring long entries every single time I update my blog. I could just tell you about this lovely trip I had to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago. I don't need to write about Shakespeare and Marillion, as my blog is about everything from Avon's Swan to Odin's crows... so I could tell you something very personal and very, well, sweet, to be honest, abut that trip, and it would totally be a part of what this blog is all about. And I'm usually a person who never mucks about thinking too long about things. So here I am, with an entry about life, really :-)

Liverpool is cold in February, but the people are warm and wonderful. I met up with a few friends I've found through my heart's music, Marillion, and they were as charming and delightful as I hoped they would be. Even better in real life, when I'm completely upfront. My first real meeting with Liverpool was at The Cavern, where Tim ...Something... were playing Beatles tunes, and he rejoiced in finally having a reason to play Norwegian Wood, as there finally was a Norwegian in the audience. My friend, Sue, wonderful, lovely Sue, showed me around, and I felt so looked after, and safe... 
This was the Friday, as I had gotten up at silly o'clock to get there, so I turned in rather early. 
But Saturday was the real diamond in my days in Liverpool. We had planned to meet up with a few more of our Marillion friends, and the Cavern became the venue for our gathering on Saturday as well. When we were all there, well the scene was set for a long day of fun and music and just brilliance. The best day in a while. Ended a bit sad, as I'm no fan of goodbyes, but following a goodbye is a hello in the future, so I'll live :-)

I'm going back in April, to Wolverhampton then... And also a weekend full of Marillion, friends, and a little bit of mania... The Marillion convention 12-14th of April... come join the magic.

Tim at the Cavern
Leaving the UK keeps getting that little bit harder every time... but luckily I get to go back, and that is always a delight. :)