Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feel Better!

Life can sometimes bring us to our knees. In hours when we endure more than we think we can, it's important not to remain in the ditch. I dedicate this to the love of my life.

It's hard, now, to fathom life's mystery
Losing the self in interpretations
Staging the perfect to hide the true we
The fraud of perception through the nations

Dreams stopped from living, cry Solitaire's cry
Desperation has got you to your knees
Desired, flight of the angels; now fly!
The flutter of wings, Compassion's soft breeze

Turn your eyes from the dark and dusty dirt
Never forget that dawn follows the night
Divine magic music removes the hurt
Protect your soul, enclose it in white light

My true word, from sorrows endured, dear friend
Not long from now, your dreams, your heart, will mend

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