Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend reflections...


Months spent looking forwards, rests in the past
Over before I had the time to stand still
All the life changing memories will last
Holy mother of all good, what a thrill!!!
Learning the words, preparing to take part
Chanting the anthems of souls joined in love
Marillion, true masters of the art
Leading us high to the sky and above
Dreams shaping in the presence of muses
Future ideas, tomorrow seems clearer.
Euphoric creations, sadness loses
Truth screamed out loud, the future draws nearer.
Believing in beauty, stand tall, be brave.
Now, open the cage, walk out of the cave.


How can I return, they won't understand
Was taken to Eden, and left my heart.
Three blissful days in Marillion Land.
Open those doors, it is six, let us start!!!
Passionate Captain! Oh dear, please don't fall...
Your voice and your words can make grown men cry
A gasp from the crowd, you quite scared us all
...but look, a wave and a smile from up high.
A vision of God playing the guitar
Up close, the damp heat embracing the night.
Pulsating consciousness, love reaching far
Yet, feeling chosen MY Voice of Light!
Feeling at home, feeling safe, feeling free.
This was sublime musical ecstasy.