Friday, March 22, 2013

My feel good list...

What is it that makes life good today?

The Hobbit (or anything by Tolkien, really - a new publication about the Arthur legend on its way, and I must say I'm presenting a calm face, but I'm really jumping with joy - the fact that he wrote so much that decades after his death there are still new material being sorted and publicised, is just one of those fabulous things that makes life worth living), reading it to my son at the moment, and it's brilliant this time as well. Here represented by an enormous collection of books and movies...

Beads, anything that sparkles always cheers me up. Flowers cheers me up. Making beautiful things out of sparkling things, and maybe adding flowers, makes me even more happy.

To write is always a joy. To read is also always a joy. Even the mandatory tasks I have at the moment are incredibly exciting, and I'm learning so much. And the more I learn (though I'm feeling more and more like a newbie), the more I dare to believe that I actually have a future in writing.

The thought of someone special... someone not quite yours yet... I suppose this is something we all find intriguing. Though, this process might be thought of as slightly painful. But it's a sweet pain, and it makes you aware of the little things in life, such as a beautiful sunset or the tweets of a bird...yes, I know it's a cliché, but the clichés are there to describe something that most people can relate to, and that thing has become almost an idiom...that's why the clichés work :)

Food... I am becoming more and more anti diet. I want to enjoy life. And to me, enjoying life, is exploring new cuisines, expanding my personal pallet, challenging my personal taste... and always being on a diet will limit that. So here's to good, healthy (without a doubt), and highly tasty and brilliant food... Sushi is quickly becoming my absolute favorite.

Cats. They can sometimes drive me absolutely mad, they break stuff, they steal stuff, they are noisy, they make a mess, they sneak around, they are most often where they shouldn't be... but I completely love them to haven't been properly loved by an animal before an Abysinnian has chosen you for it's human.

University... The first universities in Spain, France, England, Germany etc, back in the day when they men wore tights, was a brilliant invention indeed. I love to acquire knowledge. I love to expand and explore my mind. And I am so grateful for living in a country where I can do this and still be able to take care of my child. I truly am a lucky woman. I am not the person on the photo... but the computer in the photo is the one I use :)

My family. One of my favorite shows on TV is My Family from BBC. But I was actually talking about my own close family. My mother and father, and my brother. They are always there to pick me up when I fall... in their own special ways (obviously), but I can always count on them. That is a very comforting thought.
My son just brings me joy and serenity... and he's growing to be a brilliant human being. He has even taken up the clarinet... slightly puzzled, but incredibly proud. He practices every day :-) When he doesn't build lego ;-)

My friends. I have been blessed with the best friends in the world. And here I am also including my friends in other countries. Friends are the brothers and sisters you choose yourself, and I consider my friends my family. Here represented by two brilliant cats <3

I am probably very predictable when my number one feel good is the music, the lyrics, the ambience and the extravagance of the wonderful Marillion. They remain my source for inspiration, and I am eternally grateful to their contribution to the world. And the song of the day...go check out...
This Strange Engine. 18 minutes of pure bliss and magic.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Blessings!

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