Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sherlock vs The Doctor

It would seem that two of my most popular entries are about Sherlock and Dr. Who, so this is me challenging who is better...Or maybe I'm only discussing it...Yeah, I think I'm only discussing it.
What I do know is that I probably will face a bit of resistance and I also know many of you have so much knowledge on the matter that I'm not even worthy to be in the same room as you. But if I now do make a mistake, be gentle with me and tell me in a nice way :-) As I am rather nice...

Mmmmm, David!
And having uttered this I realize I can't possibly choose.
Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor?
But let's tumble down the years, just a little while, let's look at these household names in the British literary and televised world.
Ask any native of the British isles, and they would know these two names, I'm sure. Both characters are well known outside the boarders of England, and many can relate to the narratives, the stories, the series and the films.
Both characters are an inspiration for further stories and further creative processes. House, for instance, is based on the famous detective...

Ok, Matt Smith is cool!
So what is it about these two seemingly immortal men?
They are both incredibly smart.
They are problem solvers.
Their minds are different from everyone else's.
They always end up solving the conundrum in the end, even at the cost of their own health, and even life.
They come off as fantastically charismatic.
They are brave.
They can both stand the test of time.

Destro as Dr.Who...
A few facts, and I have checked (so if they are wrong, then the facts guys are wrong...)
The first Sherlock Holmes story ever published was called "A Study In Scarlet", and it came in 1887. And since then he was an undeniable success.
The first episode of Dr. Who aired the day after President John F. Kennedy was murdered in 1963, so they had to re-run the first episode for the people who missed it. But then it was a big hit, and no secret, still is.

The two have met, you know.
In 1887 Holmes and Watson helped the seventh Doctor battle "The Old One". And then later that year (1887) Holmes and Watson time travelled (a feature which is quite common in the Dr.Who universe) to they year 2010, and had a run in with The Master, in an episode called "Happy Endings."
I know for a fact that there are more examples, but I'm not going to list them all.
The Doctor lived in Baker Street for a while.

Tom Baker has played both The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes.
Benedict Cumberbatch is listed as a coming Master in the Dr.Who universe, and he's currently depicting, brilliantly as such, the famous detective. Mr. Cumberbatch is my favorite Sherlock of all time.
Mark Gatiss is playing Sherlock's brother in the series.
The perfect monster...he's actually a very talented actor!
He also played in Dr. Who. Then he played the monster, or Professor Lazarus if you want, in the episode called The Lazarus Experiment. This is an episode where David Tennant is playing a church organ, and that scene actually gave me an idea for a novel...which is now in the hands of a publisher... So you don't just have to listen to music or look at beautiful paintings to get an idea for a story. I might add that my story has nothing to do with either Dr, Who or Sherlock Holmes...

But I think the strongest current link is Steven Moffat.
Playing the violine
He's directing, writing, producing, pretty much the works, in both series. He took over for Russell T. Davies when the eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) saw first light. And I completely love him for it. I would like to pick his brain, that's for sure.
My favorite episodes from Dr. Who, were those Moffat was involved in... In the picture below is Neil Gaiman...another favorite of mine... He's also involved in the Dr.Who extravaganza, and I'm glad!

This, however, is Steven Moffat, along with the cast of Sherlock!
I know I haven't concluded with anything yet, and doing so will probably prove very difficult. But it's a fascinating topic to get involved in. I predict that I'm not quite done with this yet... And obviously you want me to get deeper involved in this, right!
Smile, be happy, be creative and be just...brilliant! It's elementary, come to think of it!

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