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My brother just wrote his 100th entry... I'm not quite there yet...But! I'm an impatient person... I am going to take inspiration from him nonetheless and make a list as if this was my 100th entry, and then try to top it when I do get to my 100th entry...
I realize having written this (and it wasn't something I did fast), that most of my inspirations are men...Can you see a pattern here?
What's more... It's meant to be good fun, so when I slobber all over beautiful faces... what I'm really saying is that I admire them a lot, and they inspire me to reach my goals...
I have let it slip that I enjoy a good list. This, however, will be sensational.
What inspires me... Top 100 :-)
And if you think it's a bit daunting... scroll down to top 20...

100. The start of a new story.
I write a lot, and I just love getting new ideas. They are the promise of a beautiful and magical journey, and the only thing limiting this journey is my imagination... luckily mine is enormous.

99. High heels
I feel so girly in high heels... I've decided to wear them all the time...

98. Cats
Cats are great creatures... My cat is having kittens soon, give me a yell if you want one :-) The inspiration in their phlegmatic mood is so brilliant, and funny, that they are an inspiration.

97. Dragons
Oh, I love a good dragon... I have many stories about dragons. I even have one tattooed on my arm...

96. Sushi
I didn't know I liked sushi so much until I tried it... I really like sushi.

95. Charlie Chaplin
This fabulous man who made dreams come true both for himself and for millions... He is an inspiration... It really can be done.

94. Indiana Jones
How many d's are there in Indiana Jones?
If you got this joke...let me know!
If you didn't, let me know and I'll explain...

93. How I met your mother
This Television series has given me many a laugh, and I find that I really love to laugh. And also, Neil Patrick Harris, don't care if you're gay MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

92. Twin Peaks
Even though this still scares me to the bone, I find great inspiration in people daring to go in a new direction. David Lynch is undoubtedly such a Dale Cooper is steaming hot!

91. Back to the Future
Just remembering how I felt watching these films on going to the cinema is enough to inspire me. When I then watch the films again I take a trip down memory lane, and manage to create even more.

90. X-men
I watched this film eight times on the cinema... how weird am I... MmmmmmmmmmmmWolverine!

89. Stars
My father knows a lot about a lot, and one of the things he knows a lot about are the stars... All the freezing nights we've stood outside looking into his telescope... I recognize some of the constellations on the Northern hemisphere's sky...

88. Big Bang Theory

87. Coupling
This is one of the funniest series ever. Stephen Moffat is behind it, and you really can tell! If you haven't seen it yet, then check it out...

86. Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
What's the meaning of life?
Obviously it's 42...I mean, hello?

85. Star Wars
I love 4, 5, and 6... I loathe 1, 2, and 3... That's why it's on 85. But then again... Ewan McGregor MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

84. Alan Rickman
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! He's a keeper. That's for sure... And I have raised the question if it's possible to fall in love with a voice... Alan Rickman is a good number two there.

83. Firefly
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Nathan Fillion.....

82. Fringe
This series was one of those pleasant surprises... I really enjoy this show, and will continue to follow it

81. Kenneth Branagh
Aw, Ken, Ken, Prince among men... I'd like to pick your brain.

80. A broken heart...
This is an oxymoron if there ever was one... How can a broken heart be of inspiration... but it's the most commonly used oxymoron in the history of human kind. A broken heart makes you creative...Sad, but true...

79. Santorini
Go to Santorini, guys... It has it all. History, archeology, and sun and beaches, and gold!!!

78. The Colosseum
I could really feel the history in The Colosseum. It was so quiet in there, so serene, and yet so violently beautiful...the history was whispering in screams through every stone.

77. The Pyramids of Giza
Seeing the great pyramids of Giza was like touching eternity...

76. Dancing
I'll never be a great dancer, but I enjoy it... the hip roll in particular...

75. Performing
I think this should be longer up on my list, as this used to be my favorite thing in the world. But I lost myself and then also the will to be someone. But then I found myself again, and I can feel old urges returning... watch out world, here I come!

74. Red wine
A glass of Italian red is inspiring, and makes my dreams so fluffy...

73. Diamonds
Are forever, and a woman's best friend...apparently.

72. The Internet
I think it's quite inspiring knowing how much knowledge is just a few klicks away... And also a little bit daunting.

71. The theatre
I love being in the theatre. My favorite theatre author is obviously Shakespeare, and my favorite theatre in the whole wide world is The Globe...

70. Rock n roll concerts
U2, Pink Floyd, Sting, Muse... are some of my favorite concert memories...
But I'm predicting my all time high will happen the 31st of July this year... Marillion.... Ishk!

69. X-Files
The truth is out there.

68. Coincidences that aren't...
I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago... and it's rather inspiring to know that things often happens for a reason... At least I believe them to...

67. Marian Keyes (The Brightest Star In The Sky)
This is one of my favorite feel good novels. The ending came as a surprise and I was gobsmacked. I love being gobsmacked.

66. Christian Bale

65. Robert Downey Jr.

64. Thunder and lightning

I'm the only one I know who gets up to look at the thunder storms... Just as with the ocean, it's a powerful proof of how powerless we really are being only feeble human beings.

63. Willow
Madmartigan... MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

62. Wizards and witches
Double double toil and trouble....
Something wicked this way comes...

61. Jo Nesbø
My favorite Norwegian writer.

60. Dune
David Lynch, Kyle McLachland, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM James McAvoy....Dune is brilliant!

59. Sherlock
The series, the films, the books, the works... They are all inspiring to me.

58. Norse, Greek, and Roman Mythology
Look for the truth in the masters of old... what, am I quoting something? Yes, my own sonnet...

57. Black Adder
"Percy, who's queen?"

56. Monty Python
I actually learned my brilliant English accent from Monty Python... And also I learned a lot about laughing my ass off. I was completely in love with Michael Palin. What an adorable man. He seems so kind, and so generous. I think I would have serious problems, even meeting him now. "Spank me!" Priceless.

55. Nick Cage
He's MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! when he has long hair and is a wizard... But he's so cool in almost everything he's in, so he's an inspiration. And I think he's charmingly weird.

54. John Simm
He's almost a MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Ok, he is MMMMMMMM!!!!! And he is a brilliant actor...

53. Life on Mars (TV-series)
This series is almost like a story I once wrote... I love stories happening on several levels. Seeing this show was an inspiration...even though I was scared of the little girl... she was creepy.

52. My ipod
I would be completely lost without my ipod. Shivers, I don't even want to think about loosing that... All my Marillion albums are in there...

51. My Mac
I love my Mac Book Pro...

50. U2
U2 was long a big part of my life, and I listened to City Of Blinding Lights when I was in labour with my son, so they are important in my life. But I think they lost track of what's important somewhere along the way. They should be making music...not political statements. Stick to what you're good at.

49. Matt Smith
My second favorite Doctor... And also a brilliant actor.

48. Johnny Depp

47. Mötley Crüe
What? Really, you like them? Yeah... I do... she said dragging her words... Their wild lives are so far off that it becomes almost iconic. The music is really not good at all, but it's bound to break the ice at parties... And they inspired an entire novel, so I had to include them.

46. Art Spiegelman
Maus was one of the first stories I read as a new student at the university... I had no idea I would enjoy a story about the holocaust to that extent. It's so simple in its depiction, and thus making it so powerful that I'll remember it always.

45. The anthologies from Norton
The books are heavy as bricks, but my word how many interesting and thrilling stories they hold.

44. Oxford advanced learners dictionary
With English being my second language, I need a proper dictionary... I've become addicted to my OALD, as we call it at uni...

43. Jo Brand
She's like a construction site, or at least like one of the machines they use on a construction site... She doesn't look like someone who can make an entire nation laugh... she does, though. I think she's brilliant.

42. Russell Howard
That story about the Yoghurt... boy did I laugh. "Oh, if only Diana was here..." Oh, by the way...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

41. QI
Quite Interesting...
I love Alan Davies. And I love how he's one of the few people on this earth managing to shut Steven Fry up... not that shutting Steven Fry up is a goal...because he's brilliant, but the two are like oil and water, and yet they make good TV.

40. Jeremy Clarkson
He's like my favorite Tory. I have read a lot of his books, and I find them amusing. They are perfect for when I go to bed. Each entry is about two pages, and that's pretty much what my mind manages to read before falling asleep with the book in my hand... I might consider an earlier night, come to think of it!

39. William Wordsworth
Having read Lines, I really want to visit Tintern Abbey. And people who can make me want to do stuff are inspiring.

38. Tattoos
I'm tattooed and dangerous... I have quite a few now, but two of them are really significant. My phoenix and my dragon...

37. Stephen Fry
I have been a fan of Steven Fry since Black Adder. And having found Steven Fry, it's hard to let him go. He's a giant in the English cultural life, and he is the voice of Harry Potter...

36. Henrik Ibsen
Look for the truth in the masters of old, again that quote... Peer Gynt is really grand. And just as I can quote Shakespeare, I'm really no stranger to quoting Ibsen.

35. J.K.Rowling
When I see Rowling, I see the woman I want to be. Not that I would want to dye my hair blond or be a billionaire...(Who wouldn't want to be a billionaire?) But I want to be able to live from my stories... She really is an inspiration, and Harry Potter is one of my favorite sagas.

34. The Ocean
I could never live in the mountain or in a forrest, I need to be close to the sea.

33. Verdi
One of my favorite composers. He's made the most beautiful aria of all time. Desdemona's Saliche, followed by her prayer. And the fact that it's a musical version of my favorite Shakespearean play makes it even grander.

32. Gordon Ramsey
I don't know why this guy inspires me, he's obnoxious and rude, and says "Fuck" a lot... But I like him... I really do!

31. Matrix
What is the Matrix? To me, it's inspiration.

30. Joss Whedon
Mainly because of Firefly I have Joss Whedon on my list. Firefly is a strike of genius. But... at the moment I'm looking very much forward to the Avengers film... and I have a feeling Joss has something to do with this coming big thing...

29. Peter Pan
This story is such a breathtakingly beautiful story, and so sad... When Peter Pan finally decides to go back home to his mother, she has closed the window...and that is so sad. Though, in the Disney version I think they have the Hollywood ending... I must read the book again...
I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!

28. C. S. Lewis
C. S. Lewis is on this list because he has sentimental value. I'm not sure I think his stories stood the test of time. But I remember how they made me feel when I was a girl. And I have read The Chronicles of Narnia to my son, hoping they will mean as much to him as they do to me. And who wouldn't like to meet Aslan?

27. T.S. Eliot
This strange man, writing such powerful poetry is an inspiration for sure. The Hollow Men, The Journey of the Magi, and Wasteland, to mention a few.

26. Leonardo DaVinci
When thinking about which historic person I would like to meet had I a chance, Leonardo Da Vinci would definitively be one of them.

25. David Tennant
My word how I look up to this man... not only because he's like incredibly tall...ha ha... But he's one of the best interpreters of Shakespeare... and he's also my favorite Doctor :-)

24. My professor of British literature.
She is so talented and has so much knowledge it's daunting. But being in the presence of such incredible talent, presented with enthusiasm and determination is an inspiration in itself. I truly admire her, and hope I once will be in the possession of a fragment of her knowledge, I'll be smart if I am.

23. My grammar teacher
She is so talented, so kind and so brilliant that I wish you all knew her. She made me take an interest in grammar...and it turned out it really was interesting. I even got a decent mark.
Continuing down that grammar road was easy as she is the best explainer there is.

22. Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman is both sexy and talented... I love his stories, in particular Stardust and Coraline, and Good Omens (which he wrote with Terry Pratchett).

21. Chimamanda Adichie
Having enrolled at a university I have been introduced to a lot of outstanding writers. Chimamanda Adichie is one of those who have impressed me. She's my age, and she has won a nobel price... Respect. And from a writer's point of view, she really do know her way around words.

20. Hugh Jackman

19. Russell Crowe

18. Bruckner
My fondest classical concert memory is from Royal Festival Hall in London when I heard Filharmonia play Bruckner's fourth symphony. It's a symphony lasting for about an hour, making it rather extensive and vast...But the emotions running through the piece are fabulous. And if you ever wondered where John Williams got his idea for the Superman theme, then look no further. I think it's in the second or third movement when you hear the hero flying out to save humanity from the terrors of Lex Luthor... Brilliant.

17. Mozart
My first musical memory ever is The Magic Flute by Mozart. And since then I have sung a lot of Mozart in my time. I think Mozart would have liked I would have liked him :-) The all time high of my operatic career was when I sang Donna Anna...ages ago...but still. I also sang Exultate Jubilate, brilliantly I might add.

16. Peter Jackson
I am one of those who knew about Peter Jackson from before LOTR. Yes, true. I saw Meet The Feebles, I saw Bad Taste, I saw Braindead, I saw The Frighteners... and I was a fan of his work long before the craze of LOTR. I knew what I could expect... And I knew the party was far from over...(paraphrasing Braindead there...) "Party's over"- said in a New Zealand accent, holding a lawnmower...Classic.

15. James McAvoy
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! James McAvoy gets two pictures...

14. Muse
Muse long inhabited number one... But they were pushed back a bit. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate their talents, their ability to perform, their fabulous music and their smashing shows. I saw them live in Bergen, and it was a high it took me a while to get over. In fact, I'll keep it with me always.

13. Terry Pratchett
He wrote about Discworld... what more can I say!

12. My friends
I have the best friends in the world, and I cherish them forever. I couldn't live without you... You know who you are :-)

11. My best friend
She grounds me without demoralizing me. She encourages me without taking part in the craze that is me. She admires me, and yet she inspires me...
She is just my very best friend in the world!

10. London
Whenever I'm in London, I feel more at home than anywhere else...And once I will live there...

9. My parents
I have been allowed to create, sing, play instruments, act, dance, paint and write...and I have actually been encouraged keeping it up as an adult. I have parents who support me in all the ways a parent can support their child. I know for a fact I would not be standing had it not been for them. They are a rock in my life, and I'm proud to be their daughter. I hope I make them proud in return.

8. My brother
I am seven years older than my brother, so I remember him as a little baby. I remember how incredibly proud I was when I got to show him off.
But funnily enough (or maybe not so funny) I still feel proud when I show him off. He's a stunning, smart and funny man. He has so much to offer, and I am a better person for having him in my life.

7. My son/faith
Having my son I think I became a complete human. I finally understood that perfect level of love, and understanding that perfect level of love made me a better person, I'm sure. I felt the presence of something eternal when I first held him. I felt he had touched divinity before he was placed on my chest, warm, alive and beautiful.
I do still, seven years down the line, feel the presence of something eternal. I have come to call that eternal presence my faith.
And that is; My faith in the good of the human race. My faith in something unexplained. My faith in being able to do good and get good in return. My faith in faith as that pure and unspoiled power humans need to endure their lives.

6. My imagination
Ever since I was a little girl I have had the ability to exit this world for the world of endless stories and imagination. I'm so thankful that didn't go away when I grew up. Had I not had this ability, these last years would have been unbearable.
And when I then write down these imaginative fantasies, the stories becomes a fantasy way, you know, with dragons and stuff.

5. Tolkien
Where would I be without the magical stories of J.R.R. Tolkien? Probably still searching. Both the books and the films about The Lord Of The Rings, and The Hobbit (I'm anticipating the film will blow me away...) have blown me away. They are so great that I sometimes hold them in my hand, almost without breathing, wondering if I'm going to either read the books or watch the films... I usually end up doing both.
Incorporated in this are the films, the actors of the films, the music from the films, the direction, and...well everything making the films the grand filmatic experiences they are.
But, my favorite Tolkien story is Silmarillion. And just thinking about it brings me to "That fantastic place..."

4. Dr. Who
The vastness and the quality the stories about my favorite Timelord has are an inspiration. The fact that they continue to put a lot of time and effort into the storyline, the acting, the special effects etc, is making the show keep its place as one of my biggest inspirations, even having left the tenth Doctor behind.

3. Shakespeare
I still get lost in the fantastic plays of the master of old. I believe I will continue to get lost my entire life. I can open my (very well used) copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, knowing I'll find whatever it is I need to read. He hasn't led me astray yet. Strange thing...

2. Steve Hogarth
Mr. h needed a place of his own, and I had to add the mmmmmm's, as he has a lot of influence on me outside of Marillion, and he's gorgeous. His voice is breathtakingly beautiful, as are his lyrics... and I believe he is responsible for waking me up, mentally. That is a powerful gift to have.
He is my hero! And a hero is only a hero if someone believes in him... So this is me believing in him :-)

1. Marillion
I don't think I can say more about these brilliant musicians than I already have. But to be on the safe side, I'll repeat myself.
I believe there are people placed on this planet to inspire humanity. Marillion are the leaders of this precious company.

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