Saturday, November 26, 2011

Twin Peaks

"The owls are not what they seem."
Back when I was a young girl...I had my future ahead and I was ready to conquer the world, it was the early nineties, and life was swell.
In Norway, at that time, we didn't have many channels on TV (unless you had cable or stuff like that). So we had to make do with the national channels and they counted two at the time...
Most times there was nothing on...creating an early love for movies... but then came along this little pearl of a television series that made the whole nation stop and watch. Every Friday we were swept off to the tiny town of Twin Peaks.

We got to know Agent Dale Cooper.

He was always in awe of that "Damn good cup of coffee!"
His sidekick is Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

And together they try to solve the murder of Laura Palmer, a young prom queen with apparent secrets, as it turns out.

This series was made by eccentric writer and director David Lynch.
Lynch is known for films like (among others)
Blue Velvet

Wild At Heart

And my favorite... Dune

Featuring in many of these films is Kyle MacLachland. I'm guessing that Lynch
and MacLachland had this special magic as some directors and actors find... And I'm not complaining!
And now I'm taking a trip down memory lane watching Twin Peaks.
I've also introduced it to one of my friends, but I think he's being polite when he says he likes it. And I really don't blame him, because in light of all the brilliant series we have today, Twin Peaks is a bit far fetched. And what is being told in five episodes, they say in half an episode today...the tempo is so much faster in series today than what is presented in Twin Peaks. But because of its far fetchedness, and because of the slow tempo I still love it.
Remember the silent sequences, the scary parts happening in bright daylight, the strange dialogue, the weird dreams, the wonderful characters (so delightfully off Hollywood),
 and the completely absurd story... I love it!
Even though it still scares me to death, I can't not watch it...if you know what I mean, and I suspect I'll be watching it again and I feel like I did back then when it aired the first time, back when I was young, had my future ahead and was ready to conquer the world.

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