Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Tv-series choice of this week.

I have had a gloomy week. A lot to do, not too much money at hand, and in order to get by I watch a good film or a couple of episodes of a television series. I have a quite substantial collection of films and series, and they represent more than just their actual value in money to me. They have helped me through both good and bad. Even inspired me to write my own stories.
Now, I might come off as a loner and as a pathetic looser slouching in front of the telly all day, but I'm really not. I multitask, quite frequently :-) I am no stranger to writing a novel whilst watching
Dr. Who

or Scrubs.

As this would provide me with suspense or a laugh at an appropriate moment, this has proven to be a very fruitful back drop for my story-writing-business.
To get back to my gloomy week. Nothing serious going on in my life as such, I'm just approaching my exams and sensing the increasing wish to do well, and freaking out whether or not I'll do well. So what do I do? I have my curriculum on my lap, and a funny series on the box, and suddenly life is just that little slant brighter.
Many of you would think me a dinosaur when I just recently discovered "How I met you Mother." So be it ;-) I like it, and it makes me feel happy and a bit comforted.
They present unrealistic characters, but that's what I love about the show. Because who hasn't met a Barney?
One who knows everything better than everyone, and also who loves to tell everyone of their short comings? But who is charming and kind and helpful, and proves his worth when faced with hard reality.
Who doesn't know a couple like Lily and Marshall who has been together since the beginning of time, still going strong?

That couple who have the ability to make everyone vomit because they are so incredibly adorable, but who has depth and love for their friends like parents would their children.
Who haven't had a friend like Ted, the one trying to find the true love of his life, and most of the time making a mess as he goes along?
The one that has a grasp on his professional life, but can't seem to master the art of love (on a personal level I might be able to relate to the Ted character). Yet you know, from the title of the show, that it will all work out in the end. The future voice is Ted telling his children about his life.
The only one remotely realistic could be the Robin-character, but then again, she has five dogs, and can't see a future with a husband or children, so she has her pet-peeves as well.
The actress playing Robin has a part in the upcoming Avengers movie... Ooh, I got chills down my spine just talking about Avengers... I'm so much looking forward. And when I think about all the movies and series I have to look forward to, then life's not that bad :-)
To conclude... this lot has made my evenings brighter, and for that reason alone I recommend How I met Your Mother.

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