Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TV-series. Grey's Anatomy!

My guilty pleasure at the moment is Grey's Anatomy. I'm not quite sure why I like that show, because it's the sort of show that makes me cry. Every single episode results with me in tears, and I'm not really a fan of crying...oh, and by the way, I get worse and worse every year, in terms of crying I mean. I used to laugh at my mother for crying at puppies, or happy endings or sappy commercials, but now I think I'm worse... Back to Grey's Anatomy.

So, what are the drawbacks?
For one, they are surgeons who are younger than Doogie... which is a bit odd, only a bit, though.
They have wall to wall drama, and I truly think that even surgeons have dull days, and time for a meal every now and then...on the other hand, they might be so busy that the only life they can have on the other side of the hospital is that of Tequila and sex...
The patients our surgeons are treating always have a mysterious and strange and unheard-of condition that makes the surgeon dig deep...every single time. And they successfully put people back together without a scar...and I cry for the happy ending. And if they bravely lose their patient on the table, I also cry because of the sad turn of events.

Then they are constantly on again, off again, on again, off again, on again, off again... choose all ready, why don't you? Either you're in love and want to commit, or you're not. And what is the deal with all the baggage? They all have major trauma in their past. Not enough attention from mommy, is the straight A student, grew up in a trailer park, had to take care of alcoholic parents from the age of seven, you're the smartest in the family and so smart that your brothers (who are car-salesmen or whatever) can't talk to you, you're a rich rich rich girl, etc...and all of them unable to commit to real relationships because of this past.
So why on earth am I watching this show when the string to reality is nowhere to be found?
And just there I gave you my answer... The escape from reality is just what I need...

Now, the show has some good sides as well, right?
Hell yeah!
First of all, we have the very correctly named McDreamy, or Patrick Dempsey.

Then, at a slightly later stage, enter McSteamy...Eric Dane!

I also happen to love the drama, the traumas in the childhood, the eternal question whether Meredith and Derek ever hook up for real (all though I silently promised myself that if they soon didn't just settle down, I would stop watching... I couldn't...and they are still making up their minds. I think we are getting closer, but no closure yet...and I regrettably have to announce that I'm hooked like an addict), I love the weird surgeries they have to perform, I love how stereotypical some of the characters Yang, she's a robot, with a heart...

But now... to the biggest critique... How on earth could they place Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Man personified, in bed as a terminal heart patient?

 My God, they should have been able to think of better roles for him to play?

He could have been McSweetlordhowsexyyouare, and stirred things up as The Doctor... (no wait, that's gonna be another for the real nerds), stirred things up anyway!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan should never have to die from a stroke...ever...he should melt women's hearts as his day-job! But, he did make Grey's Anatomy an even easier choice for me, anyway...McDreamy, McSteamy and The Comedian...

I mean, put your hands together!!!

So there you have it... Grey's Anatomy is my guilty pleasure at the moment, and it's a pleasure I might enjoy for a while...

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