Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer holiday :)

I could have written a few entries this summer, only I haven't... Awfully sorry about that. I'll get back on track when normality sets in...
I could tell you about the books I've read during summer, go into detail about content, style and whether the stories were good or not.
I could tell you about the stories I've written (because obviously I have to write something as the days are long and slow and lazy...).
I could tell you about the music I've been listening to... (only you who read this blog regularly will know what it is).
I could tell you about the movies I've watched... Avengers were sensational, and I also really, really liked the new Spiderman movie...
I could tell you about my plans for the rest of the summer, they involve a rather significant concert experience (which will get a blog entry on its own, promise).
I could tell you about all the interesting people I've met... I could elaborate on how I suspect some of them might become important people in my life...
I could tell you about all the waking nights I've had doing absolutely nothing, just staying awake, enjoying the time off.
I could tell you about all the worries I've had for the future... even sunny me worry (go figure). When I have many enough waking nights I tend to get into a gloomy mood, luckily sleep helps ;)
I could tell you about the fact that I've taken up jogging... only that's a message I should brag about on facebook, no?
I could tell you about how I'm looking forward to start university much I'm looking forward to writing my bachelor thesis, and how much I'm thinking about what to write my thesis on...
I could tell you about all the times I went swimming in the ocean...
I could tell you about all the deep and interesting conversations I've had with my friends...
Only I'm not going to ;) Because it's summer, and I'm lazy :)
I realize I have a lot to cover when I do get back on track, but I'll worry about that another day...

Have a great rest of the summer :)


  1. Hei Silje....Syns jammen du fekk fortalt ein heil del allerede i détte bloginnlegget...Kos deg videre i er på turne i Danmark og reiser fra park til park,fra hotell til hotell...Snakkes snart:)

    1. Hehe... det var poenget mitt, da ;) Kos dere på tur!