Saturday, July 21, 2012

A little teaser...

Michael Smith can sense that something is wrong with the world, but he has no clue what to do about it, or even if he can do anything about it. He seems to be living in a bubble with no memory and no dreams about the future.
Every single person on the face of the earth are looking, desperately, for happiness and bliss. They are all looking in the wrong place, though, on malls and in shops. But the more they shop, the less happy they feel.
In clear moments Michael remembers something from a time when he could find happiness in books, music and movies, but before he manages to remember completely, a new commercial has him in its power and he forgets again.
But forces stronger than him are steering him towards his faith and fate. His urge for a solution takes him to Santorini, Greece, where he discovers a cave.
In the cave he meets the nine muses of the antiquity, and he is sent on a quest to rediscover creativity.
His journey takes him to London where he, after a few setbacks dealing with deadly sins, meets John Masters who has barricaded himself in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
Together with Dorabella, a London cab driver, they try to take on the powers fighting the human urge to create and inspire.

Now, this is a little teaser of a story I have written. It's with the publisher now, and I'll obviously keep you updated on the progress. And please, contact Aschehoug in Norway and ask them for The Tenth Muse (as that's the title of my story, Den Tiende Muse in Norwegian)... put some pressure on them...
And I'm sorry about a low frequency of entries lately... I'll pick up the pace again, with proper Much Ado About Shakespeare entires, promise :)

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