Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sherlock, my new favorite TV-series...


Ok, I bet all of you have seen and marveled in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. The two films are brilliant, both in terms of direction and action. The actors are perfect for the job, and they convey fantastic abilities as well as the story Mr. Ritchie is telling.

But, I might have revealed that I'm a sucker for the Television series... So when I see a Television series called Sherlock I'm automatically intrigued.

My first meeting with the famous detective was through a film produced by Steven Spielberg. The film? Young Sherlock Holmes.
My father doesn't approve of films in general, I think he believes them to be an unintelligent form of art or something. But this film I actually saw with him (this is a fond memory for that reason alone, as I've watched very few films with him), and it seemed as if he liked the film just as much as I did. I later unravelled that he actually respect the good Mr. Spielberg, thus explaining why he liked the was sort of clear to him even before we saw the film, Spielberg had had a say in this, so this would obviously be a great film. And it is. It has it all, mummies, poison, inventions, pipe, Sherlock, Watson, Moriarty, Lestrade, and pretty lady. I am proud to say that this film is in my permanent collection, and will remain there at least until my son is old enough to watch it, and I can watch it with him.
Ok, that was the start of my Sherlock adventures.

Now comes junior high. One of my class mates were borrowing a lot of books from me, and I felt a bit miffed that I never got to borrow some in return. So I told him. The next day he brought his Sir Arthur Conan Doyle collection... You might think I'm about to tell you that I was thusly lost in the smoky Victorian London, lost in stories of Hounds and Crowns, and I really wasn't. At the time I was far from, let me repeat, far from ready to read these books. I tried one, and it was not for me... But I'm good at pretending, so I think my friend thought I read them... If he now reads this...sorry mate, I didn't read the books...then!

Disney gets lost in most of the beautiful and thrilling stories there are, and Sherlock Holmes is no exception. Basil Mouse was rather scary back then, and still is now!

Then I saw, and enjoyed terribly, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stockings with Rupert Everett as Sherlock Holmes. I thought to myself that Sherlock had never been better.
I was wrong.
Enter Robert Downey Jr.
Now...Sherlock couldn't possibly get any better, or could he?
Well, in my mind he obviously could. My brother keeps saying about music that the best he's ever heard is the music he hasn't heard yet. I think I feel the same about films and series... I'm even anticipating the new Superman film...convinced it will top all of the old ones.
Finally we are with the series I intended on prompting.
Simply called

Sherlock Holmes is a man of our own century, and he's depicted brilliantly. He's presented like a sort of John Nash meets Agent Dale Cooper, only incredibly British.
Watson is a Doctor, obviously! But, what's more, he's a soldier having fought abroad in the war (Iraq).
All the characters from the old books are there, only in a modern wrapping. And though this next bit is a bit of a spoiler I have to include it.... Irene Adler is far better in the series than in the films. She is a true opponent and a very credible love interest for the brilliant mind.
Now, there is more... Watson is being interpreted by Martin Freeman, and for those of you who enjoy a bit of fantasy, you'll know he has the principal role in a small, low budget film coming to a theatre near you the 12.12.12
And if that's not enough, the fabulous man playing Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, is the voice of Smaug.

If you haven't seen this series yet, I strongly suggest you do!
It's so much more than elementary.

Good night!
And to all of you who didn't get that last picture... that would be a so-called cliffhanger, be sure to tune in!

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