Sunday, January 1, 2012

Films for the new year...

A bit confused by the title myself, am I to list the future films I look forward to? Because I have at least two that I'm certain will make me hit the theatre at least twice...
Men in Black 3
Snow White and the huntsman
The Dark Knight Rises
Star Trek 2 (I couldn't find an image of the coming film, but I'm guessing these guys will be in it...)
The Hobbit (here represented by Richard Armitage as Thorin... Looking forward, like incredibly!)
Or am I talking about movies to watch when the year is new? I think this was my purpose for writing this entry, but I think it was just as important to list those other films... as I'm looking forward to them like a crush waiting to happen.
And then there are the films that have already made some people feel like they have a crush.
When Harry met Sally
Animal Attraction
Trading Places
Yes, I know this one is a bit out there, but one of the best new years eves I ever had involved watching this film. And when I come to think of it, it's not really out there. The story takes place during the Christmas celebrations, and I think the climax is around new year, so it's all good!!!
While you were sleeping
Bridget Jones
But we can't face a new year without series. And some of those I already have given a go in 2012 (I must admit I started in 2011, because I might come off as a TV-junkie if not!).
How I met your mother
This is valid for any time of the year, and Neil Patrick Harris is a find.
The Mentalist
The mentalist is...mental, aw, bad one! But the series rocks!
And now, here in Norway the last from my list of series actually started to run today, but I have a good friend who gave me the first seven episodes on dvd for Christmas, and in my world that is a costly gift.
Once upon a time
Now, happy new year to all of my readers. I treasure you all!

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