Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TV-series. Dr.Who!

Watching Dr.Who is entering a world of imagination, quick remarks and brilliant stories. I love Christopher Eccleston, I love Matt Smith, but the one I'll talk about in this entry is my dream Scotsman, David Tennant!

I believe I have let it slip that I'm somewhat of a nutter on the whole Dr.Who business. Not the old series, although I have checked them out as well, but the new series, and then in particular the adventures of the tenth doctor.

What can I say about the series that probably changed my life? Well, I can't put my finger on what it is, really, I guess it speaks to my creativity, and that's always a good thing.
SPOILER ALLERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, The Doctor is a time traveller from a planet far away called Gallifrey. He's what is called a Time Lord, he has two hearts and when killed he regenerates and gets a new face. Currently he's on his eleventh regeneration, I've heard a rumor there are only thirteen, but that might be a rumor, can't even remember where I heard it. What's more, he is the only one left of his race. He's alone because he at one point killed his entire race, and his planet to kill the Daleks... This makes him the most dangerous man in the universe, what's more, he's also a thief...he stole his Tardis. Time and Relative Dimension in Space... TARDIS. His vessel, made to change into whatever is convenient, but stuck, presenting a police box from back before I was born...So you might think that the Tardis is small, but using Time Lord technology it is bigger on the inside, another convenient trade.
The Doctor and his Tardis have a relationship many can only dream of, but the Tardis only spoke once... One of my favorite episodes with Matt Smith, but I'll get back to that...

The Doctor seldom travels alone, and my favorite companion is Rose Tyler.
And if the story is presented correctly, and we must assume it is, she's the Doctor's favorite as well, because a version of the Doctor is living in a different universe with Rose, and that's another story I'll get back to, and probably in another entry.

My favorite Christopher Eccleston episodes (series one, the new series)
are The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways. All of them featuring Captain Jack...no, not Captain Jack Sparrow... although I'm sure the Doctor would get along famously with Sparrow. The Captain I'm talking about is Captain Jack Harkness, an alien (or so it becomes apparent if you watch Torchwood, a spin-off from Doctor Who. I'm not sure of all the details about Jack Harkness, but I do know he goes both ways...oh, and he can't die! I'm a bit confused about the whole Jack Harkness. I saw an episode where he was from an alien planet, but that was, as I said in the Torchwood series. If I'm wrong and have my details mixed up, then I beg your sweet pardon...I, on the other hand, am only human. And as a human I have learned my lesson. Captain Jack starts off as a human from a foreign colony based on an alien planet. He, however, ends up less than human, mysterious and text-book enigmatic...).
I could go in detail about the stories in these episodes, but if you by now are intrigued, then my telling you might destroy the experience.

The first episode I ever saw was called Daleks in Manhattan, and I fell in love with David Tennant right there. I bought the second series, as that is where he first figures and there I fell in love with all the other characters as well, and the story and the colours and the music and well, everything. I watched the episodes over and over again, and I wrote as I watched. Some people use music to help them work, I used, and sometimes still use, Doctor Who when I write. And although the acting some times is way off, and the stories are so far fetched that you really have to be a fan to watch them, the main story and most of the episodes hold high standards on every level.
David Tennant, esteemed Shakespeare actor (check out his Hamlet...), had wanted to be the doctor since he was a child, and he's the living proof that it does help believing in your dreams. He became one of the Doctor incarnations that everybody really really really likes. And I, for one, cried my eyes out when he regenerated. Yeah, Matt Smith is great, but he's not David Tennant.

My favorite Tennant episodes are many, and I probably should list them all, but I'll keep to the point, because I really think you should check it out and make up your own mind. So these are my absolute absolute favorites.
The Girl in the Fireplace.
Army of Ghosts and Doomsday.
The Shakespeare Code...obviously...
Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead.
The Stolen Earth and Journey's End.
The End of Time (parts one and two).

And these are only my absolute favorites, so it is quite clear that I'm somewhat of a nutter...And I think it's "Brilliant!"


  1. Um, Captain Jack Harkness is definitely human. Definitely. Rewatch "The Parting of the Ways" and "Utopia" if you're confused about the origin of his frustrating inability to die.

    1. Like I said, I saw an episode in the Torchwood universe where he was an alien, but that could have been a dream. I know what happened and how he got his powers, but I'm not all that sure that he's from earth... He might be human, but he's not from earth, I think. Though, I'm begging your pardon if I'm wrong... He ends up as the Face of Boe (?), doesn't he? Brilliant nevertheless... :-)