Friday, December 2, 2011

The best Christmas film, ever!

It might have been implied that I am somewhat of a movie nutter, and I am actually proud to confess that this is a fair description.
That's why I think it's only appropriate for me to crown the Christmas Movie of all time... Now, you might not agree with my deduction, and ultimate choice, but that's the beauty of having a blog... However, I would like your comments, and they might (if well phrased) change my mind... I also appreciate people agreeing with me, obviously!
I'll list them from 10 to 1. And here 1 is best!

10. Home Alone

Now, many might disagree right here, but I actually get that Christmas mood from watching this movie. Not because of the brilliant acting, or the wonderful story, because both lack any strings to reality... But there is something about this film that makes me ready to celebrate Christmas. Call me crazy, but that's how it is. I felt it a bit more legit when I introduced it to my son, watching it with him is ok... So the official reason for me watching this film is that it's for the kids :-) Believe me???

9. While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping is a silent movie. Not silent in the manner of no speech what so ever, but silent as in no big fights or suspense of radical nature. That does not translate to boring. In fact, now more than ever I can relate to how she's having said that I welcome my prince charming... Christmas is a time for honesty, no? This is me being honest... I really like this film, and both Sandra Bullock and Jeff Pullman are great in it!

8. Scrooged

This film is a modernization of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and any film with Bill Murray is a great film. If you want a laugh, but at the same time need to surround yourself with the classics, then this film is a great choice... It suffers a bit under the fact that it was made in the eighties or early nineties (check it at imdb), but it works, as a lot of what they wore back then is coming back into style, even the hairdo...

7. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of two movies that isn't a story taking place during Christmas celebrations, but rather a film that was released at Christmas, and I just love how they make me feel. Besides a film with Robert Downey Jr is valid any time of the year! Looking forward to the 25th of December this year. Sherlock Holmes 2 will grace the cinema's with its presence, and so will I! Hoping for some serious Moriaty-business!

6. Love Actually

Love Actually, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Rowan Atkinson... Even Keira... many reasons for watching this film and getting that warm, fuzzy feeling of Christmas. But reason numero uno is Rick Marshall, he's brilliantly silly!

5. The Grinch

Ooooh, when the Grinch's heart grows two, or was it three, sizes, I blob my eyes out... The perfect Christmas film.

4. Lethal Weapon

"I'm too old for this shit!"... Never!

3. Hogfather

If I now make no sense, then I urge you strongly to check it out, as this is probably my favorite Christmas film, but the two films following have emotional connections as well...
Hogfather is the creation of Terry Pratchett, and the story in question takes place on Discworld. This is a fantasy universe I am so glad I found, and now they are starting making the books into movies. We have Hogfather, we have Going Postal and now also The Colour of magic. All of these are meant for family fun...But could easily be enjoyed a lonely night...making that night a bit less lonely :-)


I can't say, using only my human words, how much I love both the books and the films about Middle Earth. I am working up the courage to writing an entry or two on the subject, but I'm not quite there yet... But as a film being released at Christmas time three years in a row, these are my favorites. And I don't care what people say about the wrong Aragorn, the wrong Frodo, changes in the story, too long films, sappy in the end, I really don't care...
As far as I'm concerned, and I am somewhat of an authority on films, series, and imagination in general, if you don't agree here... well, you're wrong...these films are fabulous, as is the way they make me feel. This I'll claim till I'm cold and buried. And even then I suspect I'll make my voice sound from the beyond. Lord Of The Rings is the greatest story ever made, and the movies are fantastic! I am almost going out of my mind looking forward to The Hobbit!

1. Die Hard

You're a girl, aren't you? You might ask? Well, yeah, but what can I say... Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman... The best Christmas film ever! And if you're already watching this, then take in Die Harder as well!

As this list isn't laminated, I am, as I said, open for discussion, unless you want to challenge my opinion on LOTR...then I'll be hard as diamond!

Have a great weekend!

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