Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine

You are magnificent.
Your compassion for your fellow man is admirable, and I sometimes wonder how you can look at people in the way you do, with interest and understanding. You admire people for their originality and eccentricity, rather than judge them for their otherness. I have not met anyone capable of this other than you. Other people, both people I know, and people we observe in the world, might believe they are capable of not passing judgement, but really most of us are narrow minded and judgmental, myself included. But not you. I would love to see the world through your eyes, I believe that is a beautiful world that has room for everyone, and definitely a world I love that I'm a part of. 
This compassion is also visible in how you treat everything non-human as well. Having observed you carefully catch an insect in your hands and release it outside, is nothing short of heartwarming and amazing.
You are curious. When you find something that is of interest, you research it, learn about it, and are capable of talking about it, passing on what you have learned. I love to listen to your little narratives about both the past, present and future, and I hope you'll always keep this curiosity in your life.
You are gentle. I have never heard you raise your voice and get carried away by negative emotions. You are absolutely amazing.
You are funny. Your quiet humour is one of your best qualities. Sometimes when you tell a joke, you tell it with a straight face, and I have to think for a bit. But then it dawns on me that it was a joke, and I realise how funny it was...And I love how your face always is ready to smile.
You are caring. You help me carrying my troubles with me rather than leaving me alone with them. When ever I'm in pain you know, almost before I do, and instead of going away and not deal with it, you wrap your strong arms around me and let me know (almost without saying a word) that everything is going to be OK. And when I get overwhelmed when, for example, writing a master thesis, then you have an ability to calm me down and make me realise that I'm actually doing exactly what I intended to do, working as I should, and figuring things out. You make sure I remember my qualities, and that is one of the most powerful gift you can give to another person.
You are generous. If it wasn't for you, the times we spend together, living in different countries as we do, would not have been as frequent as they are.
You are passionate. I have honestly never felt more loved in my life than I do with you. I hope I show you as much love as you show me, because you deserve all my love for as long as I can breathe. 

You are magnificent, you are a giant, a titan...you are man as he should be and I love you now, and for as long as our souls can cling on to each other x

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