Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunday 14th of April

The last night of Marillion weekend 2013 was a fact. I remember thinking when I arrived on Thursday, checking in to the hotel, that in a few days the entire weekend will be in the past. How strange it felt to have been looking forwards for so long and then to have barely blinked finding the weekend was over... The two previous nights were deeply emotional. And though I knew this night would involve my three absolute favorite songs, I decided just before Marillion came on stage: Tonight I'm gonna have fun. I'm gonna smile, I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna take everything in and fill up with all the good feelings in the world. And I'm a pretty stubborn woman, so when I say something, that's usually the way it is :-)

This was the night of Sounds That Can't Be Made. And if you want an in depth analysis of Sounds That Can't Be Made, or STCBM as we call it, look to the right on this blog. It's one of my most popular entires, where I go in depth of my own emotions when hearing this wonderful and important album.

Steve Hogarth came on stage wearing a shirt with a big peace sign on it. And when singing their song, Gaza, the peace sign serves as a dichotomy to the theme of the song. Last night of the weekend had started...

1. Gaza - "Like a nightmare rose up on this small strip of land, slouching towards Bethlehem" It is hard to know how to write something here, because for too long this poor land suffered war and devastation. And taking the suffering of innocent people, children in particular, into consideration when hearing, and watching them perform this song, keeping my promise to myself of having only fun, became challenged. But that's ok. I can, along with being stubborn, change my mind in the blink of an eye...
2. Waiting To Happen - Something waiting to happen, I chose that these words cannot be the driving force behind my future endeavors, as they will continue to push the magnificent ahead of me, I need to make magic happen NOW!!! All the strange thoughts that enter my mind when in presence of true inspiration. WOW!
3. Lucky Man
4. This Strange Engine - One of my top three favorite song, and I can't rate it closer. Because one day this is at the top, another day it's Neverland, and another day it's Montréal... and even top three changes. But this will be at the top all the time, I think. TSE, as we abbreviate it... is just sheer Marillion magic. 18 minutes of blissful escape. And this performance was awesome!
5. Pour My Love
6. Montréal - I love the personal almost stream of consciousness feel in the lyrics of this song. Steve Hogarth is giving us a sneak peek into his mind, and many of my fellow Marillionaires didn't like this song because of the bluntness of the lyrics. But this song is a strike of genius, in my mind. Hearing it live just made me love the song even more. Definitely top three.
7. Invisible Ink
8. Power - The power of the song lifted the roof. This is an absolutely amazing song :-)
9. Sounds That Can't Be Made

10. The King Of Sunset Town

11. Sky Above The Rain - During the emotional brilliance of SATR we were covered in golden rain. The confetti just kept pouring and pouring and stuck to every piece of exposed sweaty skin... and it was just amazing :)

12. Neverland - The third top three song for me, all of them performed in one night, wow, I truly am a lucky woman :-) When ever I feel down, this song is therapy. And live they bring the deep sounds in the bass and the keyboards, making it completely shake the core of the audience. And the emotions is h's performance is enigmatic and sublime.

13. Garden Party - Ok, end the weekend with a BANG! This song is from the age of Fish, but the song became strangely irrelevant when the crazy part of Steve Hogarth decided to climb the balcony. Not an easy task... and he almost fell...The gasps from the crowds could be heard from London, I'm sure. He almost fell!!! But he didn't, and thank the good powers of the world, and quick thinking from the ones on the balcony grabbing him and dragging him over. And, just to prove a point, he bloody kept on singing!!! NOW THAT'S ROCK!!! 

After the gig the lights were switched on and merry music made all of us just dance, and pick up the confetti and throw it in the air...reliving every dazzling moment. In the end it was to go, after photo sessions and hugs and tears, but the party wasn't over. Many of us ended up in the pub just next to the venue. All the thirsty Marillion fans just kept coming like a tidal wave of happy people, high on Marillion and brilliance. They played mostly Marillion, and we danced as if in a trance for hours...

A night to remember, also this in the bank of precious memories. Thank you to all the people who made the weekend possible. Thank you for the best memories of my life. Thank you to my friends. And Marillion, you remain the leaders of inspiration to me. You are AMAZING

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  1. Fabulous review and then the amazing night in the Numa Bar afterwards - a chance to wind down and say proper goodbyes. Hope it won't be too long before we get to meet up again - September? November??

    Karen x