Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's just a concert...

In February I bought tickets for the concert I've just experienced. Back then it all seemed so far away, so distant, and so like a dream to be had...Now it's real. I have been to the concert I've dreamt about for months.
It's so incredibly big!!!
My brother tried to lower my expectations by telling me it was just a concert, because he didn't want me to get disappointed, but the only thing that could have disappointed me was if they cancelled. And they didn't, even though Hogarth had a cold... or so he told us... but when he was demonstrating which notes he couldn't reach, he reached them without trouble. So, Steve, just trust that incredible voice of yours, and know that a bad day for you is a brilliant day for ordinary singers... you're no ordinary singer! You are so, so much more!

I brought my ancient camera, and left it in the care of my friend... Taking pictures without the flash, with a camera made for objects standing still...yeah, the pictures dosen't do the guys justice. But if you are a fan you know where to find the good images...

"Sing for me, for God's sake!"

So, how do you write a blog entry about the concert that will make all concerts to come, unless they are from the same band, fade?
I can't, that's the truth. And to be quite honest, this is one of the hardest entries I've ever written. Because no matter how many words I put to this, I end up finding the wrong ones, or too few, or not good enough compared to how this concert really made me feel. I had been seriously worked up for weeks before this, and I considered not going at all. But I went, I managed to get the best place in the room, and what changed everything was when the support band played their last song. I looked to the right, and there stood a chap in a red shirt... And I thought, I know that man. And would you know, it was Steve Hogarth. I think I smiled my widest smile, so he had no choice...he smiled back. And then I thought, well, this can't become anything else than a success. I decided to have fun, and did I ever.
I couldn't wait for them all to come on stage and start making magic... and I'm hopelessly in love with them all... ;)
Now, I don't remember the set list, because to me yesterday was all about being in the moment (I'll download the gig later, and will probably end up beating myself up for my horrible memory... but there you go). I didn't wait in line to get the props they threw out to the audience at the end of the concert...the set list being one of those items, because those things didn't matter. I'm not closer to Marillion if I have their set list (though I can see that a guitar pick that Rothery used is of some value). However, I am closer to them if I listen to their music, if I remember how being there made me feel...

I was lucky enough to get a place at the front, in the middle... I was right in front of Mr. H, I had a clear view to Steve, to Mark (who is seriously hot by the way), to Pete... Ian hid behind his drums, but I certainly saw him as well.
And then they started.
yeah, that is my hair...

Limping onto the stage with a cane...Hogarth had the audience, read me...mesmerized. For those of you who have seen Marillion before, you know that glasses, limping, cane: The show started with Invisible Man. A sort of grown up, old Peter Pan who has become invisible to the world...dead, but still alive, invisible. The metaphor is quite something.

The following I'm certain are not presented in the right order.
Cover My Eyes certainly rocked the place good, and I'm assuming that was the intention. Paaaaaaaaiiiiiin! Heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven!
Is there a more tender and heart felt song than Fantastic Place? I don't think so. I was amazed at how powerful that song is.
"You can screw a man down, until he takes to drinking. He'll give you all of his money, you still won't know what he's thinking"
It's powerful on the album, but live it's positively massive. Hogarth's voice with a cold made that song completely sublime.
You're gone was one of the first songs I learned by heart. And it is a truly amazing song.
I think Slainte Mhath is best when Steve sings it. And the way he has the energy to jump around and be...well, just awesome.
King is such a powerful song, and live it was even more powerful. One of those songs that builds up, builds up, builds up, until you don't think they have another level, but they do. And then it just stops...Magic. He dedicated the song to Bruce Springsteen, asking to get their audience back. Well, I'll never look to Bruce, that's a promise!
I have a problem with Fish, and I know that's almost like swearing in church, but I don't quite get I've avoided getting to know the old stuff. But Kayleigh is hard not to know. I don't know the words, but I promise I will next time :) And I will remember ;)
"We know something that you don't!" This is how a true musician builds up the anticipation to the upcoming album, and then they played Power.
The Great Escape/ The Last of You/ Falling from the moon.
For a long time this has been powerful in my life, and for no reason, or maybe was it for every reason I know, I was suddenly crying.
And then... Neverland. Neverland is one of their greatest accomplishments. But towards the end, because his throat was (as I've mentioned...) a bit sore, he "Lost his will to live, and fucked off"( to use his words) for a few minutes, only to return with a smile on his face and the will to continue his life, I certainly hope! :)

Before the last song Hogarth sat down with his piano and started rhyming and singing there and then... just like that.
I mean, anyone can invent a tune on command, but to sit there playing, singing and rhyming, and we're talking poetry here, funny as such, and making complete sense, now that's musicality on a level to which we should be in awe. Trust me on this one. The rest of the band joined in, until he ran out of rhyme and ended it with a suiting "Fuck it".
The last song was supposed to be Three Minute Boy... And my friend, who was there in the capacity of my company, and didn't know the lyrics to Three Minute Boy, or any other song for that matter, experienced to be "slightly bullied" by the good Mr. H. But to be "slightly bullied" she considered an honour, or at least I did on her behalf. So, Three Minuet Boy were closing to an end, but then, because they are Marillion, and had a good day, they took requests, and ended the show with an energetic and brilliant on the spot version of Between You And Me.

So, brother dear, this was not "just a concert".
This was hope, happiness, joy, excitement, and the best musical and entertaining experience in my life. I think it's like a drug, because it's one fix and you're hooked.
I know I will see them again soon.


  1. You were standing just 3 metres from me at this gig! - This was my 10th Marillion adventure - the day after I was in Bergen having my 11th. I love your country and your people, I have so many amazing friends there! Heia Marillion og Heia Norge!

    1. It was a great gig... And I look forward to my next :)