Thursday, June 7, 2012


Because I am so terrible at multitasking, I couldn't finish this in one go... Not even in two goes... But hopefully this (my third attempt) will be the one that stick...unless a crisis occurs and I have to concentrate on that one thing...And obviously it did, so here I am trying to finish this on my fourth attempt. Let's see if I can do it without having to comfort a child, cuddle a cat, watch a Television show, or anything else of a pressing matter.

I am a woman, and according to legend I should have the multitasking down, but I haven't.
I really haven't.
Many women claim that they are the mistresses of multitasking. They claim so very proudly, and this is their equivalent to the men's hunting talent...and further stronger muscles. When ever I hear this I have always gone; say what? I have no idea what you're talking about.
I can't relate to this. I have tunnel vision when I'm occupied with something, and I can't easily get distracted from my task at hand, and if I do get distracted and have to do several things at the same time, I'm completely rubbish at it.

Let's visualize a very common scenario in my house... I'm writing, I have a thousand ideas and I need to get down on virtual paper, and I do so accompanied by Marillion:) Now, when I'm in the zone I'm so far off that a bomb could explode next to me and I wouldn't notice... for several reasons, really, when a bomb explodes, I would probably not notice anything else on this side of eternity, but there you go. I'm not easily interrupted. Ok, this was a bad example, I'll give you another...
If I'm driving my son to school and he's talking about Ninjago or Batman, I can't manage to part take in the conversation because I'm busy driving...which is a good thing I guess, but it bothers me that I'm so bad at this. He has come to know me well, and suddenly he says, yes mummy, I know I'm nagging you... And I have to say, no no no, dear, not at all... but really he is, because I'm busy driving.

I have watched a couple of concerts with various rock bands, and what amazes me every time is their fantastic ability to multitask. They play the piano with one hand, the xylophone with another hand, plus managing the rhythmic egg and other percussion instruments, whilst singing and remembering the lyrics to a zillion songs and also performing and making sure that every soul in the audience feels touched by the magic... Yes obviously I'm talking about Marillion, but this is impressive. Also Muse are brilliant here. Matt Bellamy plays, to perfection, both the guitar and the piano...I mean, the man plays Chopin and then turns around rocking the stadium...
I'm a singer and a performer as well. But I suck at for instance playing an instrument at the same time. That could be because I'm not a good instrumentalist, but still. I can sing and act at the same time...but I've done so my entire life, so that's sort of automatic.
I'm aware I'm contradicting myself a bit here, and I might send out conflicting messages. But I really believe that a woman's ability to focus like steel on one thing at a time is a brilliant ability.

Take breastfeeding, I couldn't do anything but... and most of the times both myself and the baby fell asleep.
Take reading a book... I can't focus on the outside world when I'm reading...

But, having said this, and probably made a few enemies on the way, I do know a lot of women perfectly capable of, and actually brilliant at multitasking, and I know men completely unable to... so maybe...just maybe this isn't a gender thing at all???
Maybe it's a personality thing?

And my personality doesn't multitask... I can do many things, but one at a time.

Have a brilliant weekend.

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