Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer at last...

This winter has been close to eternal, and only yesterday did we get temperatures according to spring. Today it increased, and now we have summer. Yey! I managed to get an hour sunbathing today, and I think I truly deserved it :)
So, my exams are over and I'm finally able to focus my attention to other important matters of life, such as my blog.

I know I have neglected the blog to make sure I studied properly, and unless the sun spirals out of order, I think I did well :)
So what to write about this wonderful first summer day of the year?
I could tell you that I'm watching Fringe at the moment. I always liked Fringe. Suitably weird and spiced with good looking men;)
Further on the television series part of my life we have the always funny and uplifting How I met your Mother. When I'm feeling a bit down, a couple of episodes are never wrong.

And as for books, I'm reading five at the moment. Yeah, I know, I'm weird... and believe me, you wouldn't want me any other way... I tend to be in different moods during a day, and one single book rarely matches that change, so I need several. Should I maybe see someone?
Anyway, the books I'm reading are these;
I'm re-reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.
This is a brilliant book about a hidden world in, or rather under London. This story was initially made into a BBC series, which I recently saw (and enjoyed), but the author likes the book better, and I have to agree with him. Though, the guy playing the Marquis is smoking hot :)=

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment, and I know I always have to wait for ages, so I bought a book. I have never heard about the author before, she's American, or so it would seem as she writes about Salem.
Her name is Janet Evanovich and she has written what seems to be a little pearl called Wicked Appetite. It reminds me (so far, I'm on chapter six) of Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and anyone who are inspired by those guys, I like. The story is easy to read and you quickly get into what it's all about. I can't wait to see where she takes me.

University is over for the summer, at least for me, but I have to keep in mind that I start my second year in just a few months. I will get an awful lot to read, so I might just get cracking. Plus, I want to up my game... I've read almost the entire Jane Eyre, and it is a surprisingly good read. I really enjoy the hidden stories, the madness in the attic, and all the references to classic fairytales. It's brilliant. I've also watched the BBC series, which is so good I could cry.
 And I bought the film with Magneto as Rochester... I haven't watched it yet, but I will :) I really like Michael Fassbender. Mmmmmm!

I might have let it slip now and then that I'm a huge Marillion fan...no, never heard about that before? Well, I am. They are the essence of my creative flow. And my favorite song, I think, is a song called Neverland. It's from the album called Marbles.
And you might have guessed that this album has a certain fairytale theme, and it does. We are talking Peter Pan.
Although I know the story about Peter Pan, I never really read the book. Now I am reading the book, and I can see why it has fascinated people for ages.

When I'm too tired to make sense of the world, the universe and everything, I resolve to reading Jeremy Clarkson. He has a brilliant view on so many things, and a archaic and stuffed up Tory view on other things, I still like him. His entries are two and a half pages long, a perfect length for me finding my own Neverland...though, most of the times I fall asleep with the book in my hand having finished half an entry, thus it lasts forever... when I have to read it again, because I forgot all about what I red the last time, I have bed time stories forever. I think my record is starting the same entry seven times... :) The one I'm reading now is The World According To Clarkson, volume 3. Also known as "For Crying Out Loud!"

So, now we're back in blog business again... I'll fill these pages with all the mind blowing things I dub of great importance, and we're laughing :/)

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