Monday, April 16, 2012

Poem for a Monday!

Forgetting what was before.
Can’t remember anymore
The rage that would consume and devour,
Misplaced in life, remembering the hour.
Oblivious to the grief,
Sensing your growing relief.

Did you ever stop to think?
What was ruined in a blink?
Did you ever turn around, looking back?
Did you loose your path? Did you find your track?
Forgetting what was before.
Can’t remember anymore.

Abandoning faith gaining a soul mate
Abandoning faith, abandoning fate.
Finding that the rules don’t apply to you
Finding that you can define what is true.

Haunted by betrayal and lies
Becoming whom you despise.
Spiritually your game was at a lost
Your actions came at a tremendous cost
Heart split in half, forgotten
Decaying insides, rotten.

Out of my mind, out of sight
Polyhymnia is right.
Lovers hot embrace on Neverland’s shore
Imprisoning, caging the soul no more.
Searching for he who is true,
My soul’s scapegoat absolves you.

Reflections in water, ripples in sand
Twisting images in dreamer’s fair land.
Daytime fantasies taking in the night
Night time dreams gives imagination flight. 

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