Monday, October 31, 2011

The comedy.

When I say comedy, I'm sure all of you can think of at least one story (presented either on film, theatre or radio, or in a book), that made you laugh. But before we go any further, let's, very briefly, figure out what a comedy really is...
Back in ancient Greece, the comedy was used to make a point, and mainly a political point, most often presented as satire. This was also the case in Shakespearean times.

The difference between a Shakespearean comedy and a Shakespearean tragedy is whether there is a wedding in the end or not. A comedy ends in wedding. A tragedy ends in death. That does not mean that a tragedy is only tragic and sad, or that the comedy is only funny and not made to make one think. Because back in the day of my Master of words a comedy would be a perfect opportunity to present a satiric view on society, or on any given subject. Often love, and all the fuss when finding love. Women dressing up as men (and now if you think about it, back in the day men played all the parts, so it would be men dressing up as women dressing up as men...a comedy in itself!), men being transformed into donkeys, Fairy-qeens being tricked by their kings, in fact, in the Shakespearean comedy we find an awful lot of plans to trick and fool the other character. It can be a sweet and innocent plan trying to find love, or it can be a sinister plan to slander and gossip with an evil intent. Some comedies ends in double weddings, as in The Merchant of Venice,

others end in everyone getting the one that they love, or the one they desire, as in A Midsummer Nights Dream.

I absolutely adore the trouble Shakespeare's characters have to endure before finding true love and happiness.

Today, the comedy is something completely different. What is a comedy?
Is it Jim Carrey?

Is it How I met your mother?

Is it My Family?

Is it a romantic comedy like A good year?

or Music and Lyrics?

Is it QI?
QI - qi photo

Is it stand up comedy like the one Russell Howard presents?

Is it daft and sometimes almost revolting like Little Britain?

Is it Monty Python?

I think, and I'm sure you agree, that comedy today is a wide oriented definition, and holds a lot of sub categories. I know one thing, though, a comedy brightens my day, and helps me deal with a sometimes overly realistic every day life. And laughing prolongs our lives, right, so go ahead, laugh:-)
Ha...ha...have a good one!!!

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