Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sonnets again :-)

A gentle touch, a whisper from the sea
Sensing, awakening, unexpected
Pleading with him to let her words run free
Leaving her heart open, unprotected.

A mild smile, and a roaring, tempting laugh
A mirage of happiness across time
Through blinded eyes they see the other half
Looking through the mirror for truth, their crime

Dancing waking glimpses, Neverland lies
Comfort’s music’s wings, will you come with me?
Dancing through the dreams, through the blinded eyes
Only you can change you, then finally…

A thought, a wish, an idea, a light beam
“Waiting, for us to dream is still a dream.”

The last line is a quote by my favorite poet, Steve Hogarth. It's from a song called Gaza, a powerful epic piece of music.

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